Openair solinca

openair solinca

Where can I find the user guide for Openair offline?

This product is an application for the Windows® operating system. The user guide for this product is available for download from the My Account > Guides > Add-on Service Guides page. OpenAir Offline allows you to enter time and expenses data, as well as create timebills, while you are disconnected from the OpenAir. com Web site.

What is the OpenAIR projects connector?

The OpenAir Projects Connector has been designed to allow you to import Microsoft® Project 98/2000 files into your OpenAir. com account, creating new projects with which you can work. You can also export OpenAir projects as Microsoft® Project files.

Why use Openair to run your business?

Explore the rich capabilities in OpenAir and see why the most strategic and successful services teams rely on OpenAir every single day to run their businesses. Companies from 15 to fifteen thousand use OpenAir to drive their services teams utilization, profitability and success.

What is Openair myAccount?

OpenAir. com has designed each component of its PSA suite to work both as a stand-alone service and as part of an integrated package that incorporates two or more service modules. In brief, MYACCOUNTallows you to set up account-wide preferences and handle the administration of your OpenAir. com account.

Where can I find the OpenAIR user guide?

• The “Guides” tab, where users can download the OpenAir User Guide, and (if given access) the Guides for’s Palm and OffLine applications. • The “What’s New” tab, which provides all account users with up-to-the-minute information about changes to the functionality of service modules. Getting started

How do I use Openair offline?

With an account in OpenAir and exchange access enabled for OpenAir OffLine, you can download OpenAir OffLine and use it to capture information that you can later transfer to your OpenAir account. When you send information to and receive information from your OpenAir account, you connect to the Internet to do so.

How do I connect to Openair mobile?

Mobile User Guide OpenAir Mobile Account Settings 8 2. Select an account type and enter your company ID. 3. Tap Connect. A dialog appears. Note:By tapping Connect, you understand and agree that the use of Oracles application is subject to the Terms of Use.

How do I enter time and expense data in Openair?

Use the Charges tab and functionality to enter time and expense data that can be billed to customers once it is transferred to your OpenAir account. When you Update, you can transfer the data entered in OpenAir OffLine to your OpenAir account.

How many companies use Openair?

Companies from 15 to fifteen thousand use OpenAir to drive their services teams utilization, profitability and success. With the most complete solution in the market, our customers trust that we can meet their unique needs today and provide a platform for growth into the future.

How do I create reports in Openair?

Click the Create button on the upper left side of the screen. This can be done anywhere within OpenAir. If you were already within the Report editor, select Report > New ... You can also select Account-wide: Report from the Create new window in any other area of OpenAir.

What are business rules in Openair?

Important:For Administrators — Business rules configured for your OpenAir account are applied when an integration application interacts with your OpenAir data through OpenAir REST API.

How do I check the availability of Openair?

From time to time, we include important service announcements on the OpenAir login page. Please review this panel regularly for information about planned service disruptions (during new release upgrades, for example). To check the availability of OpenAir at any time, click OpenAir System Status.

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